The Skills With The Pen

The Emcee(or MC) is a lot artform in today’s mainstream hip-hop culture. Though there are a few who still carry the torch for lyrics, the radio would have you think otherwise. The craft of writing lyrics is lost and now most people look for catchy hooks or beats they can dance to. I would like to show an example of skilled lyricism and technique that should not go unnoticed. I present to you the 2nd verse from “Emcee” by J-Live.
know why, cuz I’m a

Master of Ceremony

Making a Comeback and

Moving the Crowd with Mad Charisma

Most of y’all Cornballs

Mingle at Concerts

Making a Claim but you know who is the [“MC”]

More Concentration on My Cadence Might Cloud your Mind

Controlling your Movement Capaciously

My Capacity to Massacre Crumbs

and Motivate Change Most Certainly Makes you Consider Me

Champion, Microphone is Consistently

Modelling Candor of Magnificence

see My Conduct is Mute to Cajolery

I Maintain with Clemency and Magnificence

Cunning and Marvelous

Crafty yet Malevolent

To all Cultivators of Mindless Crap

I Really Recognize the Rude Ramblings of those Random Riff Raffs

Cuz they just Rap and I
Notice the focus of using two letters to control most the verse to emphasize the name of the song. Towards the end, he uses the letter R to focus on rappers. The ones who do not possess the skills to be a true MC. Penmanship and lyrics at their finest. What do you think?


Double Standard?

While scrolling through my personal timeline, I noticed this first picture making its rounds and all women saying this never happens to me or if it does it only happens once. Twice if I’m lucky. Now I’m not saying that women don’t deserve this kind of treatment. My question is what kind of treatment do men deserve in order for women to receive what’s in the first picture?

I decided to google women pampering men and the only image I can get is the second picture below. Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this? Yes women cook for their man, may have sex with their man, but what else can a man get for treating their woman right besides that? I know I’m ready to get reamed for this but let’s discuss people. I’m prepared for all forms of dialogue on this one.