Hip-Hop Favorites : Joe Budden

In a world where hip-hop fans no longer need to rely on hip-hop magazines to find out about their favorite artists, the internet era allows anyone that aspires to climb the charts to reach the masses. With so much music available, some artists can be lost in the flood. Convos In The Park his here to help shine some light on the hip-hop artists we feel deserve more light. Our first hip-hop favorite to be covered is Joe Budden. Although he is more known for his reality tv appearances, Complex show, and now his podcast; Joe Budden has been putting out quality work since his debut and series of mixtapes as well as his most recent album releases. Enjoy the video as we describe what makes Joe Budden one of our hip-hop favorites. Be sure to leave comments, like the video and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content. #areyouinthatconvoyet #whynot


Episode 1: Hip-Hop and It’s Future

Greetings everyone! I would like to present episode 1 of my Convos In The Park YouTube series. In the premier episode I discuss my feelings on hip-hop, what I love about, and my concerns about it’s future. If you enjoyed the video, please head to the YouTube channel (Convos In The Park YouTube Channel) and subscribe as well as like the video. Feel free to leave your comments below or on the YouTube channel to continue the conversation. #areyouinthatconvoyet #whynot