Convos In The Park is back!!!

The last three years have been difficult for me. I’ve been through alot of transitions and personal issues. Amongst this, I began a creation outlet called Convos In The Park. This creation has also showed some of my deepest character flaws, inconsistency and procrastination. With a majority of my personal issues behind me, I’m now completely committed to continue Convos In The Park and make it grow far past my expectations. With the right team behind me, not only do I plan on bringing more content, my goal for 2018 is to have a physical place for my content, but also a safe haven for burgeoning comedians as well as poets/griots to display their talents and help my second home of Mobile, AL grow. If you want to help or support this movement, send me a message or leave a comment below. I want to grow but I can’t leave my people or my city behind me. #areyouinthatconvoyet #whynot


Sagging!! Pull Your Pants Up!!!!

In this episode of Convos In The Park, we talk about the “trend” of sagging pants. We discuss the origins of sagging, how it looks to the world as well as how it makes black men look. This has been an issue that has to be addressed and reflected upon. Leave your opinion in the comments below.

Religion Vs Black Consciousness (Part 1)

On this episode, Convos In The Park tackles one of the issues that defines the very core of the black community. One of the pillars of any black community is religion, Christianity in particular. Many of us were raised in a church or religion has impacted us personally. On the other side of the spectrum is the Black Consciousness Movement. In part one of this series, we cover religion and it’s role in the black community. Leave your opinion in the comments below.

Lines for Jordan’s?!! We have to do better!!

In an era where our President is under investigation, police are killing innocent people and walking away with no charges, and most urban youth are seen as thugs or monsters; the last thing I want to do is stand in line for some Jordan sneakers. This impromptu video was made after I left the mall and seen my several sneaker stores with lines for people to cop some new J’s. I understand the infatuation for sneaker heads, but the for the average person, I don’t understand it. The man who the sneakers are branded after has been documented for supporting the same prison system that is modern day enslavement, and also doesn’t care too much for his own race. I can’t support it. Find out my feelings and opinions in the video below. Don’t forget to leave your comments below, like and subscribe to the YouTube channel! (

Hip-Hop Favorites : Joe Budden

In a world where hip-hop fans no longer need to rely on hip-hop magazines to find out about their favorite artists, the internet era allows anyone that aspires to climb the charts to reach the masses. With so much music available, some artists can be lost in the flood. Convos In The Park his here to help shine some light on the hip-hop artists we feel deserve more light. Our first hip-hop favorite to be covered is Joe Budden. Although he is more known for his reality tv appearances, Complex show, and now his podcast; Joe Budden has been putting out quality work since his debut and series of mixtapes as well as his most recent album releases. Enjoy the video as we describe what makes Joe Budden one of our hip-hop favorites. Be sure to leave comments, like the video and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content. #areyouinthatconvoyet #whynot

Dealing With Separation

One of the worst feelings in the world is packing up a house filled with memories of family that you cannot touch, kiss, or hug anymore. As I try to finish packing up this house, I have to box up both of my daughter’s rooms. Looking at their toys fills my heart with sadness as I’m reminded of times where I bought them the toy and the happiness that was in my heart as I watched them play with it. Looking at pictures that I have to take down because I can no longer stay at this residence breaks me down. Packing up the rest of my wife’s clothes reminds me of the good times that we had before the bad ones took over and got us to this point. Being a man, I have to stay tough and cope with the pain. Even though my family is gone because of the separation between my wife and myself, I still will continue to provide for them and be there for them the best way I can.

Growing up and watching television shows and seeing people that have to go through separation before a divorce never really prepares you. Among family members it is a topic that is rarely discussed. You may talk to friends that went through the process before, but every situation is different. Where they may have had a separation on bad terms because both sides ended up hating each other before they could end it, you and your spouse came to terms on your separation before it got worse and are still friends. Sometimes you wish there was a manual on how to deal with every situation step-by-step to help deal with the hurt.

Out of dealing with this pain, I have found positive ways to deal with my time that are not taken by my daughters, wife, or dog any longer.Convos In The Park, which is something that was just an idea for several months prior to the separation, became my outlet. My goal was that by talking about one of my favorite genres of music as well as relationship and social issues, I would be able to help someone that is going through the same issues as myself. Helping them cope through conversations, albeit not face-to-face, but for them to know that someone is out there that they can talk to in some form or fashion so they will not have to hold feelings in. If I’m able to touch at least one person’s life and help them get through a situation by them being able to relate to one of my videos or posts, then I’ve reached my goal.

As I continue on with Convos In The Park, I hope that I will be able to reach more people. I hope that I will be able to create videos where I have conversations with people that have the same ambition as myself and we as a group, are able to touch someone’s life that needed help or support at that moment of watching the video. Some may call me a dreamer, but this is also my therapy as well as helping others at the same time. Lastly, I hope that enjoyment can also be found in my content. Creating this content helps me get though my separation issues.

What I would like to know is how do you deal with your separation or break-up period with your significant other. Let us know in the comments below so that we may continue the conversation. Are you in that convo yet? Why not?!!

Episode 3 : Rules to Relationships

Greetings fellow conversationalists. Ever wondered about questions on what could be the right rules to relationships? Do you ever wonder if certain opposite sex friendships could ruin your relationship? Wonder what it takes to make a relationship work? Well Convos In The Park might have some good suggestions for you. Join the conversation in the comments below. Remember to like the video and subscribe to the YouTube channel for more content. #areyouinthatconvoyet #whynot

Episode 2 : The “Privileged” Generation

Greetings ladies and gentlemen, we present to you episode 2 of Convos In The Park, the “Privileged” Generation. Who falls under the privileged generation? What are their flaws and what can be done about them? Find out our opinions in the video below. Be sure to leave your comments below, like and subscribe to the YouTube channel for more content.

The Skills With The Pen

The Emcee(or MC) is a lot artform in today’s mainstream hip-hop culture. Though there are a few who still carry the torch for lyrics, the radio would have you think otherwise. The craft of writing lyrics is lost and now most people look for catchy hooks or beats they can dance to. I would like to show an example of skilled lyricism and technique that should not go unnoticed. I present to you the 2nd verse from “Emcee” by J-Live.
know why, cuz I’m a

Master of Ceremony

Making a Comeback and

Moving the Crowd with Mad Charisma

Most of y’all Cornballs

Mingle at Concerts

Making a Claim but you know who is the [“MC”]

More Concentration on My Cadence Might Cloud your Mind

Controlling your Movement Capaciously

My Capacity to Massacre Crumbs

and Motivate Change Most Certainly Makes you Consider Me

Champion, Microphone is Consistently

Modelling Candor of Magnificence

see My Conduct is Mute to Cajolery

I Maintain with Clemency and Magnificence

Cunning and Marvelous

Crafty yet Malevolent

To all Cultivators of Mindless Crap

I Really Recognize the Rude Ramblings of those Random Riff Raffs

Cuz they just Rap and I
Notice the focus of using two letters to control most the verse to emphasize the name of the song. Towards the end, he uses the letter R to focus on rappers. The ones who do not possess the skills to be a true MC. Penmanship and lyrics at their finest. What do you think?

Episode 1: Hip-Hop and It’s Future

Greetings everyone! I would like to present episode 1 of my Convos In The Park YouTube series. In the premier episode I discuss my feelings on hip-hop, what I love about, and my concerns about it’s future. If you enjoyed the video, please head to the YouTube channel (Convos In The Park YouTube Channel) and subscribe as well as like the video. Feel free to leave your comments below or on the YouTube channel to continue the conversation. #areyouinthatconvoyet #whynot